Assistant Literary Agent Resume Example


The literary agent resume example below is for an entry level candidate looking to gain more experience in the field of publishing.

A strength which the resume illustrates is the candidate’s clear specialty in working with nonfiction titles.

The well-educated and experienced assistant is very active in their field, joining groups and networking with other publishing professionals.

It was important to emphasize their involvement as hiring managers recognize the importance of making contacts with agents and editors.

Assistant Literary Agent Resume Example

Assistant Literary Agent Resume Example

Assistant Literary Agent Resume Summary Statements

  • A dynamic literary professional seeking to contribute a passion for printing life-changing books to a fast-paced creative team.
  • Specializes in preparing nonfiction manuscripts, book proposals and query letters for submission.
  • Insightfully selects manuscripts from unknown authors with trending concepts, popular topics and excellent writing.
  • Evaluate writer’s work to determine its value for representation.
  • Edit manuscripts and book proposals for submission to publishers.
  • Follow the course from acquisition to publication for all represented authors.
  • Communicate findings of unpublished works and authors with agents.

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