Concierge – Guest Services Resume Example

This resume was created for a client that did not have a clear career path in the beginning. However, they were successful throughout his employment history and eventually realized that they wanted to help clients plan their travel experiences.

The job candidate was skilled in managing all the logistics of travel (food, lodging, entertainment, etc.). This enabled their clients could simply relax and enjoy the experience. To demonstrate these skills, an introductory paragraph and Core Competencies section was created to begin the resume.

The writer combined previous employments into coherent statements and lists that show employers that he is a worthy candidate. Next, his employment history was outlined. Since one job was not necessarily a direct progression from the previous one, relevant bullet points from each position were written in bold. This established pattern of success in the desired field of interest.

Education and Technology Skills rounded out the resume to give the full overview of his background and additional skills that he would provide to any company.

Guest Services Resume Example

Guest Services Resume Example

Summary for Concierge Resume

  • Highly effective coordinator of high-end guest services with over 10 years of experience in travel and entertainment planning.
  • Offering an array of skills in large-scale event planning, effective communication, leadership, contract writing, securing client discounts and payroll management.
  • Proven ability to successfully meet challenging client demands in a timely manner.
  • Track record of success building companies and multi-tasking in dynamic, high-stakes environments to exceed all goals and deadlines.

Resume Experience Statements

  • Organized private tours and reservations as well as obtained tickets for theatre, concerts, sports or Broadway for guests.
  • Secured lowest possible prices for clients by negotiating rates on travel, entertainment and other accommodations.
  • Created and maintained calendars, itineraries and budgets for multiple guests at any given time.
  • Fulfilled personal errands for guests – shipping, receiving, organizing travel arrangements, meeting locations, etc.
  • Checked guests, VIPs and Celebrities in and out of a four star, 128 room hotel.
  • Ran personalized tours of the hotel that included its history and rooms as well as increased staff concierge knowledge.
  • Oversaw the planning of small and large scale events.
  • Orchestrated transportation, housing, meals and personalized activities for client groups ranging from two to 200+.
  • Introduced and implemented marketing strategies as well as wrote and executed contracts for clients.
  • Trained numerous company members on adhering to the company mission statement and values.
  • Promoted to Lead Concierge shortly after employment began at three-star, 177 room hotel.
  • Acted as personal concierge to VIP and Owner VIP clients.
  • Generated 35% of upsells for entire hotel.
  • Corrected charges for phone calls, mini-bar use, laundry, parking and other incidentals, when necessary, in a timely fashion.
  • Completed nightly audits and reports necessary for efficient business operations.