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Sales and Marketing resume examples reflect job seekers in various industries, operating in a sales and marketing capacity. Common job titles in this section include sales representatives, account manager, account specialist, marketing manager, marketing analyst and advertising analyst.

Whether you are a professional in outside sales, inside sales, channel sales or general account management, your resume should always include one main ingredient: documented accomplishment. There are very few jobs where it is more important to establish your record of success than sales and marketing.

If you have had a sales position in the past it is important to not only discuss your responsibilities, but also provide information about the products and services that you have sold. But most importantly, you need to provide a new employer with your track record of performance.

This can include quotas attained; sales in dollars or other monetary gain; number of products sold; ranking among your peers in terms of sales numbers; new accounts gained; difficult accounts gained; or sales awards.

The sales and marketing resume samples you will find below were contributed from resume service firms across the U.S. These resume services include professional and certified resume writers from the NRWA and PARW.

Sales Marketing Resume Examples

Sales Marketing Resume Tips and Advice

Sales professionals need to stress their achievements more than any profession. Almost all sales and marketing professionals have proven positive results. If your resume doesn’t highlight and quantify results then you will likely have a hard time getting interviews.

Sales professionals need to make sure to emphasize any occasion where they produced sales. If you know the amount in dollar terms that you increased sales, then put this information on the document. If you know the % increase in sales, make sure this is on your resume. If you have exceeded a quota or goal, then emphasize this information.

If you are breaking into sales as a career change then it may be tough. Often times, you have to take commission only jobs to prove that you can sell. Once you have some success, it gets easier to get the better jobs that include salary plus commission.

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