Data Mining Resume Example

The summary introduces this professional’s varied experience in database design, data analysis, process validation, and business needs analysis.

The “Areas of Expertise” section contains keywords appropriate to his experience, such as project management, data collection and business innovation.

These help make a branding statement and will rank high in applicant tracking systems.

Immediately following, is a recount of his professional experience, starting with his most recent role.  The job seeker is seeking to return into the big data industry.

The accomplishments convey the scope of his job contributions. Page two continues to build on prior positions and closing with Manuel’s education.

data mining resume example

Data Mining Resume – Page 1

Data Mining Resume Sample

Data Mining Resume – Page 2


  • Recently obtained master’s degree, in Information Systems with expertise in database design, data analysis, process validation, and business needs analysis seeking an opportunity with a growing organization.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SPSS, R, and in analyzing and visualizing data. Dedicated and hard-working with a passion for Big Data.

Experience Statements

  • Designed innovative mobile application system for road traffic enforcement, approved by police administration.
  • Collaborated with local officials and traffic administration to enforce traffic regulations.
  • Utilized cutting-edge technical expertise to create database collection of information according to road traffic enforcement requirements.
  • Built Android application system with JAVA, PHP and HTML for police road traffic enforcement.
  • Managed overall operations of company, including marketing, sales, finance, staff, productivity, quality control, and safety measures.
  • Enhanced operational procedure, systems and principles in areas of information flow, management, and business processes.
  • Forged and cultivated business relationships with suppliers, customers, and potential partners.
  • Established project control procedures such as project forecasts and cash flow projections.