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Executive resume examples are provided for those seeking a position in high-level management careers. Common job titles include Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), President, Vice President and Director. Executive resumes are needed in every industry for top-level positions.

It’s also not uncommon for consultants (usually a former executive) to work in an executive capacity when consulting or participating on a board of directors.

The executive resume usually includes more detail than all other resume styles. One exception is an executive CV, which can occasionally reach up to twenty pages. Most executive resumes are prepared as two-page or three-page documents depending on overall experience. The reason for more detail is to provide necessary information for a group of people to review.

Often in the corporate world, executives are closely screened by groups of people such as search committees or boards of directors. In closely held corporations, startup environments and smaller organizations, executive resumes are reviewed directly by owners and/or members of the existing executive management team. In addition, high-level executive positions usually won’t attract the volume of resumes that other positions might produce. As a result most executive resumes are studied more closely and thoroughly from the beginning. This is in contrast with more common positions for which a resume might be scanned or browsed quickly.

Senior Level – Executive Resume Examples

Executive Resume Tips and Advice

The best example of an executive resume won’t contain an objective statement. Rather, it should open with the title or title variations of positions you’re best suited to pursue. The title line should simply state “Director of Marketing and Business Development” or “Chief Financial Officer”. In many cases a headline opening is also appropriate. An example headline might be written as “Senior management executive with fourteen year history directing operations of growth-oriented firms in the financial services industry.” Following the opening should be a block paragraph summary with 5-10 statements that highlight key skills and expertise.

The executive resume samples listed below convey the styles and techniques of numerous professional resume writers. Regardless of industry, we urge you to browse the various resume samples to determine the type of presentation and layout best suits you. These examples were provided by professional executive and management resume writing services. Most services displayed are high level, certified resume writers that reflect the standard by which an executive resume should be properly written.

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