Actuary Accounting Resume Example

Resume Sample for financial professional with over 20 years of experience as an Actuary and Pension Consultant. This serves as a good reference for anyone in statistical or insurance positions.

This resume uses a headline to emphasize two decades of experience in actuarial work with a sub heading that focuses on actuarial systems development, support, planning, design and compliance. An executive summary goes into more detail such as identifying work history with both private and government agencies.

The core competencies provide a quick snapshot of skills such as benchmark analysis, calculation integration and instructional design.

The writer also felt that designations in actuarial societies would play a big part in enticing an interview. Education and military service follow. These sections could also go under the experience section. Certain sections can always be moved around. For example, military service could be moved to the bottom if this job seeker was applying for a private sector job or moved just below core competencies if applying for a government / military job.

The professional experience is written in reverse chronological order with the job title and company highlighted. The paragraph outlines the scope of work with bullet points that draw attention to specific project events, goals or accomplishments.

The actuary resume ends with specialized training, technical knowledge and affiliations.

Actuary Resume Example

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Actuary Resume Sample

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Actuary Resume Statements

  • Utilize sophisticated data analysis and techniques to measure and evaluate risk for insurance products.
  • Design, analyze and test statistical data models in order to improve knowledge base and business intelligence.
  • Provide support for product development, underwriting and sales teams.
  • Analyze diverse data sets to produce new discoveries about insured individuals and apply this to actuarial results.
  • Communicate with senior management, executive staff and project managers on the progress of special projects.
  • Execute root cause analysis and apply results to insurance pricing models.
  • Develop new methodologies, testing processes, and statistical reports to help optimize accuracy of complex data.
  • Work with statistical team to develop actuarial policies and procedures, ensuring compliance within the department and external government agencies.

Actuary Resume Example By Front Runner Resume Writing