Sales Account Executive Resume Example

The sales professional that created this resume spent over a decade as a Senior Account Executive for a company that designed men’s sportswear.  With a background in wholesale, retail and national account sales this individual is qualified for any range of top end sales positions  (Vice President, Director or Officer).

In the summary section of the resume, the writer used a job title headline and a separate Areas of Expertise section.  The author used a box with a light green background to provide emphasis.  A busy hiring manager could read the top section in less than 10 seconds and still assimilate the candidate’s background.  Another separate section focuses on profit building, which is always a prioritization for a sales resume.

The professional experience section uses a standard heading with job titles and dates.   You will notice that writer separates the description in 3 paragraphs to set them apart. The bold statements summarize their experience and the following statements provide more detail. Again, anyone reading this resume could focus on the bold and get enough information to make a job interview decision.

Selected accomplishments are set apart from nicely designed arrow points.  Like most good sales account resumes, the writer quantifies results.  The older positions are listed, but since they were so long ago, there was no need to provide descriptions.  A formal education and technology skills section are found at the end of the second page.

sales account executive resume example

Sales Account Resume Example – Page 1

sales account resume sample

Sales Account Resume Example – Page 2

Business Administration Resume Statements

  • Brought on board to manage Men’s Sportswear business within national retail accounts.
  • Liaise with design and merchandising teams to tailor products assortments to individual door needs.
  • Manage pricing and customer margin requirements within company’s profit goals.
  • Analyze sales and financial performance to identify and maximize sales opportunities
  • Organize in-store events, product workshops, and annual conclaves.
  • Attend early buy meetings, conduct weekly store visits and attend seasonal trade shows.
  • Manage sales team of up to four sales assistants, responsible for $25,000 T&E budget.
  • Met with buyers and planners to develop Replenishment Program and seasonal.
  • Identified need for consistent replenishment styles for major department stores.