Equipment Operator Resume Example

This is a resume example for a heavy equipment operator with decades of experience operating machinery in the construction industry. You can use this as a reference example if you are looking for a job in other trades within construction or operators in an industrial / manufacturing capacity.

The resume uses a headline statement to identify the job target and emphasize project planning, maintenance, repair, safety and diagnostic testing.

The summary paragraph provides more details of experience in commercial, industrial and residential construction environments. The summary also identifies key skills such as fast paced, time sensitive results, managing multiple responsibilities, collaboration, relationship building, troubleshooting and written/oral aptitude. A core competencies section provides a quick glimpse of skills and areas of knowledge such as OSHA Compliance, Materials Management, Budgeting, Cost Analysis and Equipment Validation.

Below the summary, the writer includes Designations, Military Service and Education, which can optionally be put below the experience. The Equipment Experience and Specialized Knowledge is a key section and unique to this type of job.

The resume uses a modified functional resume by including a chronological listing of jobs and including all experience under one heading. This is an appropriate technique since the job was essentially the same under both positions.

Equipment Operator Resume Example

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Heavy Equipment Operator Resume Example

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Equipment Operator Resume Statements

  • Long work history of operating heavy equipment including backhoes, dozers, graders, inloaders and other excavation equipment.
  • Hold Class A commercial CDL and Class 1 operators license.
  • Proven ability to read blueprints and drawings then manage team of excavators to create the required landscape.
  • Extensive experience operating equipment to grade the ground then build roads and drainage.
  • Complimentary experience in sign industry operating cranes, forklifts and tractors.
  • Knowledge of complex dashboards, pressures, hydraulics and gauges.
  • Capable of working 7 days a week with overtime including 2nd and 3rd shifts.
  • Mechanically inclined welder with track record for fixing small operational issues such as brakes, lifts, pumps, belts and blades.
  • Strong communicator, accustomed to working with diverse groups.

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