Quality Manager Resume Example


This is a resume example for an Operations Manager and Quality Manager transitioning from Operations positions in the Air Force. The resume is a useful document for anyone coming from federal or military positions.

The resume begins by using a headline to target key areas of experience in production, operations and quality management. The paragraphs in executive summary format explain more details of their experience.

Notice how the writer identifies the ability to oversee 650 personnel and over $5.5 billion in assets. The Areas of Expertise section provide bullet point references to other key areas such as Six Sigma and KPI Analysis. The entire summary focuses on high level skill sets as opposed to putting emphasis on military history.

The Air Force experience was written like private sector jobs. The job title, employer (Air Force) and dates provide a heading. The paragraphs document specific duties and responsibilities. The bullet points identify key projects, achievements and quantified results.

The resume ends with an education section that features the MBA degree along with a B. S. and A. A. S. in Aeronautics. Additional education includes Six Sigma training, Risk Management, Conflict Management and Communications. The Certifications section documents the Professional Management Certification and Secret Security Clearance.

Quality Manager Resume Example

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Quality Assurance Manager Resume Example

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Resume Statements

  • Develop and implement new policies and procedures and quality processes for expansion in all areas of the business.
  • Coordinate quality assurance operations to ensure effective manufacturing quality and inspection procedures are executed.
  • Oversee of production, file preparation, document categorization, file quality control and digital scanning.
  • Conduct customer meetings to provide status of program operations, quality standards and production metrics.
  • Collaborate with Operations department to support new product development, sustain engineering projects, and manage quality control programs.
  • Design new processes, statistical analysis, quality concepts and system standards.
  • Create strategies and plans for product approvals including inspections.
  • Maintain device and equipment quality requirements.

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