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Below you will find resume examples for professionals in the medical and health care industries will include job fields such as Doctors, Physicians, Nursing and Nurse Practitioners. Other professions include Medical Assistants, Technicians, Health Care Coordinators and also athletics.

Medical and Health Care resumes need to be written much like management resumes, but the summary can be either in a bulleted format or in the executive summary style block paragraph format.

You may also need to create a separate section within the resume that documents medical skills and health care certification / training. Also, some medical /health professionals need a technical skills / software section, especially for Technicians such as a Radiologist.

The medical and health care resume samples come from resume service firms, many of which specialize in providing resumes for doctors, nurses and health care professionals.

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Health care and Medical Resume Examples

Medical Resume Tips and Advice

The Medical and Health Care resume can be anywhere from 1 to even 3 pages for doctors, experienced nurses and highly technical positions. When people say that an employer only looks at a resume for 30 seconds, they are correct. However, If you are a Doctor or Physician, this rule may not apply. Often doctors are hired by a board of directors with multiple peers reviewing the document. This group may take more time or read different parts of the resume, which makes a 3 page document acceptable.

In the medical field, achievements can be tricky. Business professionals tend to impact that bottom line. A doctor, nurse or technician has a specialized job so the key will be to highlight success in those positions. While medical managers can write achievements as savings or revenue generation, doctors will need to emphasize surgeries or complex cases where a patient has dramatic improvement. Nurses need to put emphasis on their diversity and ability to handle difficult tasks. Any time a nurse or health care assistant can do more tasks for the doctor, the more valuable they become.

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