Software Consultant Resume Example

This software consultant resume was created for an developer that was looking to expand their reach and client list.

The IT professional worked all over the world and possesses numerous key qualities in their field. The job seeker is hoping to use these qualities to land a more stable and consistent job with a large company while continuing consulting on the side.

The challenge for this resume was deciding what format to use so that strengths and skills were best showcased. It was decided to use an introductory paragraph and Summary of Qualifications section to begin the resume before moving into his Professional Experience. In this section, the most relevant and important bullet points were written in bold to help them stand out.

Specific Consulting Project Experience was broken off into its own section to ensure that prospective employers see that he has led numerous large scale projects with great success. The fear was that it may get lost by simply listing in with his Professional Experience.

Finally, Education, Professional Development and Technology Proficiencies were listed to complete the resume and show that this client is a well-rounded employee capable of helping any company.

Software Consultant Resume Example

Software Consultant Resume Example – Page 1

Software Consultant Resume Example

Software Consultant Resume Example – Page 2

Summary Statements for Software Consultant Resume

  • Highly effective Technology Consultant with over 15 years of international experience specializing in project management, implementing complex technology applications, revenue management and taxation management.
  • Offering an array of skills in team building, Oracle systems, end user training, proposals, presentations, quality assurance, risk management, stakeholder collaboration, streamlining processes and logically balancing competing priorities.
  • Proven ability to establish credibility and trust among client and project teams to achieve exceptional results.
  • Track record of success serving as project manager for simultaneous complex initiatives while consistently meeting targets, remaining under budget and finishing ahead of schedule.

Data Architect Resume Example Statements

  • Serve as ORMB Project Manager and Lead Architect for GBS Accounting Project, Earning Credits Projects, Worldlink Conversion, GBS ORMB Technical upgrade to v2.4.0.1 as well as GBS rollouts in Brazil, Mexico and UAE.
  • Support business operations and production support teams while providing ORMB Level 3 support.
  • Increased Citi’s revenue by eliminating invoice aging issues.
  • Prepare necessary designs and documentations for Change Requests and Production Tickets.
  • Institute necessary measures for effective risk management, quality management and client satisfaction.
  • Ensured successful rollout of GBS in Brazil, Mexico and UAE as well as efficient rollout of GBS Account Project.
  • Recognized by Citi Operations and Business Team as a key contributor to project success.
  • Led CC&B Team for Jeddah Business Unit Go-live and implemented CC&B in Riyadh and Jeddah with great success.
  • Analyzed and designed NWC Business processes in CC&B.
  • Directed train-the-trainer professional development for Business Managers.
  • Delivered functional interfaces such as Bill Extract, AVAYA, Payment Gateway (SADAD), eServices and GL.
  • Supported Conversion Team on data mapping, functional verification and follow-up on data cleansing activities.
  • Facilitated strategic planning insights for environments management and locale configuration (Arabic).
  • Spearheaded successful management of production environment and onshore/offshore resources.