Business Operations Executive Resume Example

Provided is a good example of a resume geared for a high-level executive in business operations, business development and corporate operations. This sample makes for a nice general reference for professionals targeting a C-Level, President of Vice President job position.

The document starts with a headline statement that identifies the candidate’s results oriented leadership. An executive style summary provides a snapshot of the job seeker’s career managing operations and finance for a billion dollar organization.

The writer uses the summary and an area entitled areas of expertise to highlight corporate planning, global operations, Six Sigma, best practices, turnarounds and executive decision-making.

The experience section uses a shaded heading with company name, location and dates employed. A statement in italics describes the company. The job title follows with a description of the executive’s level of oversight and responsibilities. The bullet point statements identify the candidate’s achievements.

Notice how the achievements include unique subheadings such as turnaround, cost reduction and process improvements. The bullet points provide more details. This resume also included a graph to illustrate the accomplishments, which is a rare technique. This type of resume may be specifically targeting a job so employ these techniques with the help of a professionally certified resume writer.

Business Operations Executive Resume Example

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Business Operations Executive Resume Sample

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Business Operations Executive Resume Writing

The writer wraps achievements around a colored pie chart that highlights the productivity gains, cost reduction, improved scrap rate and enhanced capacity. This is an exceptional technique as it catches the reader’s eye and underscores this individual’s tremendous success. Additionally, the writer uses bold fonts to emphasize accomplishments and quantified results.

If you’re planning to write your resume on your own it will be very important to focus on your accomplishments on the job. It could be very helpful for you to download and complete the employment and background survey form. Virtually anything that you have done in your work history to surpass the norm might qualify as an accomplishment or achievement. Mentioning the attainment or progress beyond a goal or quota is another instance that can help your resume. Start a list of the jobs that you will include in your resume. Beneath each job name on the list, start noting what you might have done in each one of them that was not in your job description but you did it anyway. Once you get the hang of doing this you’ll be able to identify items that you might have otherwise overlooked. You’ll be on your way to having a resume that speaks of you as an achiever.

An education and training section is utilized below. To close the resume, the job seeker includes a quote that provides further insight to how the professional envisions successful operations and enhanced productivity.

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