Customer Service Skills Resume Example

This resume is a good example of a career document that displays the job candidates customer service skills.

The summary showcases the client’s operations knowledge, team leadership skills, and customer service experience. The “Areas of Expertise” section contains keywords appropriate to her experience for ranking high in applicant tracking systems.

Next, the writer recounts professional experience starting with her current role. The initial statement below her job title describes her duties and responsibilities.

The resume preparer displayed her relevant accomplishments with bullet points. These achievement convey the scope of her contributions.

The last section includes a list of multiple training courses.

Customer Service Skills Resume Example

Customer Service Skills Resume

Summary Introduction

  • Results-oriented customer service team leader with 10+ years of demonstrated expertise in directing service operations and customer service initiatives to achieve corporate goals.
  • In-depth customer service experience in client-focused positions with the determination to deliver world-class customer service.
  • Problem-solver with diverse experience in team leadership, including a great record of resolving customer service escalations.

Experience Statements for Customer Service

  • Managed complex customers concerns (billing) in high-volume customer service department, including technical questions (email, phone, etc.) regarding smartphone options, and data plans.
  • Leveraged customer service abilities for proper resolution of calls, collaborated with customer service manager to boost morale, improved productivity and customer satisfaction, and curbed absenteeism.
  • Provided organizational leadership to ensure team maintain customer-focus.
  • Fielded customer service inquiries for over 5K business customers. Explained services, made service changes, recommended service options, and scheduled installations for phone, and computer lines.