Plumber – Plumbing Resume Example

This page shows an example of a resume for a plumbing professional with experience as plumber and irrigation specialist. The resume may also be helpful if you are in another trade or construction related position.

The resume uses a headline to identify 6 years of industry experience. The headline is followed by a resume summary paragraph that summarizes skills.

The summary emphasizes core strengths such as water management, construction, piping, fittings, design, underground water tie-ins, irrigation installation, safety, repair and maintenance.

The job seeker lists experience in reverse chronological order starting with military experience followed by experience as a plumber. The statements in bullet points document responsibilities at each position as well as achievements and recognition.

The candidates training and Education include: Registered Plumbing Apprentice with Ongoing Journeymen Certification Training.

Plumber Resume Example

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Irrigation Plumber Resume Example

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Plumber Resume Statements

  • Install pvc pipe, copper lines and flexible hose for residential water
  • Provide pluming services for commercial and residential settings.
  • Recognized for quickly responding to emergency situations such as repairing leaks and broken pipes.
  • Expert knowledge of the installation, maintenance, repair of plumbing, drainage and waste line systems.
  • Build and replace sinks, faucets and surrounding countertops and baseboards.
  • Supervise 5 employees and train plumbers in apprenticeship.
  • Plumb waste water lines for toilets and urinals.
  • Put together PVC drainage lines with a variety of fittings including the deployment of metal traps, p-traps, cleanouts, valves and shut-offs.
  • Implement water lines and drainage for showers, tubs, faucets, water heaters, refrigerator ice and dishwashers.
  • Install a variety of extra pumps such as sewage pumps, drainage pumps and garbage disposals.
  • Answer customer calls for repairs and new construction jobs while also providing customer service and documentation for warranty works
  • Highly capable of soldering, brazing and welding.

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