Sous Chef Resume Example

Included for sample purposes is a resume for Sous Chef with career experience in the Culinary Arts. This resume is a great resource for a professional chef while being a useful resource for professionals in any aspect of cooking, hospitality or the restaurant business.

The resume lists the key job titles of Kitchen Manager and Sous Chef at the top with a headline statement emphasizing 10+ years of experience.

The writer uses bullet point lists of qualifications that include: Kitchen Management, Menu Design, Staffing, Business Development, Meal Preparation, Inventory Control, Purchasing and Customer Service.

This resume also incorporates additional summary information by using a paragraph and bullet points to emphasize core competencies. This an alternative style where the experience section only includes a basic statement to outline the scope of work performed as most of the responsibilities were similar in each position.

The job seeker received an Associates of Occupational Studies at the Culinary Institute. This pages includes a PDF version of the resume below.

Sous Chef Resume Example

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Culinary Sous Chef Resume Example

Sous Chef Resume Example – Page 2

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Sous Chef Resume Statements

  • Teach and mentor kitchen staff on protocols in the kitchen and proper assistance.
  • Prepare large quantity of dishes, very quickly, with tight timelines while maintaining exceptional standards of quality.
  • Trained and experienced in multiple cooking techniques with expertise in Asian and Spanish cuisine.
  • Assist with food preparation and serving when necessary.
  • Create menus for restaurants including different menus for lunches, dinners and caterings.
  • Design unique culinary menu items using a variety of techniques.
  • Recognized for building a health conscious, low calorie lunch menu while still maintaining great flavors.
  • Plan and coordinate large catering projects, holiday parties, corporate meetings and special events.
  • Manage portions and quantities to maintain proper cost control while ensuring restaurant doesn’t run out of items on the menu.
  • Oversee food inventory with full responsibility for planning and ordering foods while maintaining freshness of ingredients.

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