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trader resume example

Resume example for financial professional with experience working as Head of Trading Desk for a major investment firm. This document would be a good reference for anyone in the financial markets or financial services industry.

This job seeker possesses skills as a trader and financial analyst. This experience includes risk management, strategic hedging, market technical analysis, trade executing and trading concepts.

The resume also emphasizes a strong understanding of various markets such as Forex, Options, Futures, Swaps, CMO’s, TBA’s and Treasuries.

The candidate also demonstrates a successful career track, progressing from a junior trader to a head trader. The job seeker also became a top ranked dealer. This trader resume outlines specific accomplishments such as formulating a swap spread model and designing a trading template.

The education section documents the job seeker’s Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Trader Resume Example

Trader Resume Example

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Trader Resume Statements

  • Manage the negotiation and execution of investment trades on multiple exchanges covering foreign exchange, Commodities, stocks and fixed income.
  • Implement corporate trading strategies and execute external client trading services.
  • Trade a variety of investment vehicles including commodity futures, FOREX, equities, options and bonds.
  • Develop products based on commodity trading vehicles and help sell those products to pension funds and institutional investors.
  • Provide insight and support for software and systems teams in the development of algorithms, platforms and trading systems.
  • Collaborate with management and trading teams to conceptualize goals, build strategic plans and implement processes to achieve targets.
  • Work with sales teams to establish new accounts and provide world class customer service and brokerage support.
  • Meet with customers to create client specific strategies to mitigate currency and commodity risks.
  • Coordinate with compliance office to ensure that all data is transferred to regulators to meet requirements of Dodd-Frank.
  • Monitor transaction costs and negotiate with brokers and exchanges to reduce expenses.

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