Aviation Operations Resume Example

Below you have a resume for an Aviation professional. This document demonstrates how you can write a resume to help transition from military career in Airframe Maintenance in the U.S. Navy. This individual is targeting civilian jobs in Aviation.

The summary highlights skills in Aviation Operations, Maintenance, Mechanics, Aeronautics and Security. Additional supporting areas of strength include team building and training.

The experience section uses job title listings with a paragraph used to describe responsibilities, team size and scope of work. The bullet points outline key contributions and achievements. You can see examples of quantified results such as the second bullet point in the first job. In this statement the writer highlights $450,000 in cost savings. Any time you can show real bottom line achievements, you improve the quality of those accomplishments.

The resume finishes with an education section that documents a B. S. Degree in Professional Aeronautics with FAA Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic License.

Aviation Resume Example

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Aviation Mechanic Resume Example

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Aviation Resume Writing Tips

The first key aspect of this resume is the detailed summary. The headline immediately notifies the reader that this job seeker is in Aviation. The sub headline documents 20 years of experience with an emphasis on operations, team building and leadership.

The writer also adds a few helpful items in the introduction. The degree in Aeronautics is mentioned. The secret Security Clearance is document. Lastly, they mention experience with multi-million dollar projects which defines the scope of their leadership.

Below the summary paragraph the writer utilizes a list of core competencies and strengths. This provides a quick reference to specific skills. Below this section a box with a gray background highlights prestigious awards.

The second key aspect of the document involves the structure of the professional experience. Notice how the writer includes the number of team members in each position. Furthermore, achievements are clearly separated and include quantified results including items such as saving $900,000 in annual cost.