Budget Analyst

Resume example for financial professional with experience as Budget Analyst. This document serves as a good resource for corporate financial, banking or accounting professionals that deal with budget management.

The document uses the job title of Budget Analyst as the headline with a sub heading that emphasizes their key qualifications which includes budget management, program performance evaluation, policy analysis and budget legislation.

The left column also provides an area that underscores their expertise. This section includes areas such as public financial administration, managerial statistics, state / local taxation as well as many other skills required for a Budget Analyst.

The top of the body uses a summary of qualifications to provide further details. Since the job seeker only has one previous job position, the writer chose to highlight their accomplishments above the professional experience section. The experience section then provides information about their duties and responsibilities.

The education section lists their MPA degree in Budget and Finance as well as a BS in Criminal Justice.

Budget Analyst Resume Example

Budget Analyst Resume Example

 Budget Analyst Resume Sample – Download PDF

Budget Analyst Resume Statements

  • Analyze and review business, economic and financial status of the corporation with focus on cost benefit analysis.
  • Oversee creation, control and implementation of corporate budget and funding requirements.
  • Research financial documents and prepare analysis reports, models and forecasts.
  • Review budget requests with senior management to determine areas to reduce and expand.
  • Prepare budget estimates and financial plans, managing deployment in future periods.
  • Track and review all expenditures, reimbursements and expenses for comparison against budgets and develop reports to determine if budgetary goals are met.
  • Work with financial and executive teams to develop financial strategies and cost containment programs.
  • Maintain database of monthly financial analysis reports and budget modifications.
  • Evaluate accounts receivables periodically to determine cause of billing issues and facilitate clearance of claims.


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