Financial Manager Resume Example


Financial Manager Resume Example for finance executive with experience in treasury management and financial analysis. The document serves as a good resource for high level financial professionals.

The resume uses the headline of Senior Finance Executive with sub heading for Treasury and Finance Management, Investment management and Strategic Decision Making.

The job seeker underscores the honor of being the distinguished winner of the Municipal Finance Officers Association’s Budget Award for 5 years.

Below the heading the writer uses an executive style summary to outline their career experience. The bullet point table below provides a quick reference to their skills sets such as cash management, budget forecasting, financial analysis, revenue cycle management and financial markets.

This manager resume shows professional experience section that provides a listing of the organization, city, state and dates employed. The italics statement below the job headings explain the scope and size of the organizations. Below job titles, the writer describes the responsibilities at each position. The bullet points emphasize achievements and quantified results in terms of millions of dollars saved.

Education, including an MBA, is listed below along with professional development, professional associations and technical proficiency.

Financial Manager Resume Example

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Financial Manager Resume Sample

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Financial Manager Resume Statements

  • Manage accounting and financial operations with oversight for financial reporting, account records and accounting controls.
  • Oversee execution of accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation and independent audits.
  • Ensure financial statements comply with internal policy and external regulations (GAAP) while adhering to contractual obligations.
  • Analyze financial statements, conduct cost/benefit analysis and identify areas of weakness.
  • Report directly to Chief Financial Officer and Board of Directors to present financial analysis results and develop strategic financial plans.
  • Develop and monitor financial department policies and procedures.
  • Direct all corporate departmental purchasing functions including strategic planning, project deployment and auditing.
  • Manage senior level projects related to finance, budgeting, account management, benefits and grant administration.

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