Telecom Technician Resume Example

Example of resume for Network Technician with 15 years of experience in IT and Telecommunications. This document is an ideal reference for most Telecom positions.

The resume uses a paragraph summer to outline their overall experience. A core strengths section with a bullet point list helps the reader quick get an idea of their expertise.

This section highlights areas such as telecom systems, networking, phone systems, security, troubleshooting, operations, project management and DSL technology. Training as Internal Technician is listed below.

The resume uses a functional style to outline experience by grouping all their experience into one section using bullet points. These statements include key duties, responsibilities, projects and accomplishments. The work history is then written in reverse chronological order.

Telecom Technician Resume Example

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Telecom Network Technician Resume Example

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Telecom Technician Resume Statements

  • Install, maintain and repair Ethernet, fiber optic networks and telecom circuitry.
  • Conduct systems testing on electronic equipment to ensure compliance with specifications and engineering standards.
  • Perform diagnostic procedures on fiber optic equipment and devices.
  • Utilize software applications to monitor and troubleshoot telecom devices from remote locations.
  • Assemble and install transmissions equipment and notification systems.
  • Provide support for engineering teams in collaboration with third party contractors.
  • Review engineering drawings, electronic schematics and diagrams to ensure wiring specs.
  • Inspect and maintain mobile radio systems and other mobile equipment.
  • Train radio systems users on correct operations of complex equipment.
  • Install and maintain portable radios, repeaters, base stations, UPS backup power systems,
  • Perform maintenance on out building lighting systems, radar, towers and antennas.

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