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Resume Examples

Our resume writing partners have contributed over 400 professional resume examples that can be used to help you create your own career document.

Each sample is written in a unique style and format that is explained on each page. Furthermore, bullet points below the document include key statements that can help you prepare sentences.

The documents will help you understand how to develop a summary.  Also, you will learn how to create targeted statements of experience.

Lastly, these professionally written documents demonstrate how to prepare additional sections such as computer skills, training, education and affiliations.

Resume Examples by Job Field

Office and Administrative

These documents are for professional administrators or people in secretarial roles.  If you manage an office or work with customers then you will want to review these links.

Accounting & Auditors

We created a section just for accountancy and job seekers in auditing positions.  This can be entry level professionals or experts such as CPA’s and Director level positions.

Financial and Investment

The resumes in this section cover people that work for banks and insurance companies.  Also, you will find resources for investing and asset managers.  Furthermore, this will include people new to the field, mid-level managers and executives.

Industrial & Trades

If you work in a plant or manufacturing facility then take a look at these pages.   The list encompasses various types of workers, builders and tradesman.

Legal & Attorney

Professionals that assist, study or practice law will want to review these samples.   You will notice more content than the average job field and it is important to include your degrees, training and specialization.

Health care & Medical

These posts have a variety of different types of files for nurses, therapists and medical assistants.  Also, you will find healthcare administrators and managers.  There are several higher level professionals represented in this section.

Professional & Specialist

We needed a category that included people in miscellaneous job fields.  If you can’t find a section that fits your experience, then we recommend looking at the resume examples below.

Sales & Marketing

For these job candidates, quantifying results is critical.  You need to show proven results in meeting quotes and goals. Marketers should demonstrate how they grew businesses.

Teaching & Education

Regardless of age you teach, you will find good samples in this area.  We also include college level educators, administrative staff and upper level educational experts.

Technology, Engineering & IT

Computer and high tech professionals often have a different type of resume, especially if they are hands on.  Many employers are looking for IT professionals with experience working with specific software, hardware and operating systems.

Military and Government

Transitioning from armed forces to civilian jobs or positions in governmental agencies.

Resumes by Specific Categories

PDF Resume Examples

These are samples that include an Adobe Acrobat download file.

Before and After

Gives you a look at the document created prior to the professional writer making improvements.

CV Resumes

The Curriculum Vitae is similar to a resume but includes additional information that is appropriate for international job applications.

Additional Resume Examples

If you couldn’t find a job you are looking for then take a look at the links below.