Corrections Officer Resume Example

Here you find a resume example for a security professional with experience as corrections officer at prison and detention center. The resume may be helpful to anyone in law enforcement or civil service positions.

The resume uses a job title headline to quickly identify the job seeker’s target. The headline is followed by a summary paragraph that underscores 20 years of experience in facility management and training for state department of corrections.

The writer also highlight the managerial ability to coordinate investigations, develop staff, oversee security administration and maintain safety. In order to allow the reader to quickly get an idea of their overall skills, the writer lists areas of expertise under the summary.

The summary area is followed by professional experience section that is written in reverse chronological order. The company titles, dates and locations are listed above the job title. A brief paragraph is used to outline their scope of responsibilities. The writer separates key achievements using bullet points and labeling them below the paragraphs. The candidate lists a variety of accomplishments such as managing training programs, developing an intelligence database for the FBI and speaking at a major conference.

Details are reduced as the resume goes into older job positions. The bottom of the second page provides a formal areas to document education, training, affiliations, awards and recognition.

Corrections Officer Resume Example

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Corrections Officer Resume Example

Corrections Officer Resume Example – Page 2

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Corrections Officer Resume Statements

  • Oversee the management, custody, treatment and training of inmates federal corrections facility.
  • Strong understanding of the laws, processes and procedures for registering, treating and maintaining prisoners.
  • Serve as inmate supervisor for breaks, meals, visits and recreation times.
  • conduct random searches in order to maintain high levels of security and confiscate contraband.
  • Trained in hand-to-hand combat, hand guns, rifles, alternate weapons, tactical firearms, first responder and CPR.
  • Proven ability to communicate with a diverse group of people, maintaining discipline in a fair and just manner.
  • Perform nightly checks for prisoner counts including security for gates, doors, sections and perimeter fence.
  • Respond to medical emergencies and confrontations with full responsibility for investigating, reporting and documenting events.
  • Recognized for ability to diffuse an escalated incident and prevent potential violence or injury.

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