ER Nurse Resume Example

Resume Example for Emergency Room Nurse with experience in ICU and ER. This a great reference for any with experience in emergency or critical care.

The job seeker uses a paragraph summery to outline their skills. An areas of expertise section provides additional details. These sections outline areas like intensive care, catheter, IV and cardiac.

The job seeker touches on modeling and patient monitoring. They also express knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology.

The job section uses job titles, companies and dates as headings. The long paragraphs provide a detailed explanation of their responsibilities. The Key Highlight sub heading sets apart any achievements.

The education section lists the A.S.N. in Nursing. The license section documents the RN license.

ER Nurse Resume Example

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Emergency Room Nurse Resume Example

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ER Nurse Resume Statements

  • Provide compassion to family members ensuring optimal levels of comfort and privacy.
  • Collaborate with doctors and emergency staff in the assessment, planning and implementation of patient treatment.
  • Monitor current patients, identify issues, explore alternatives and deploy solutions.
  • Document diagnosis and progress on medical records, maintain high levels of readability and accuracy.
  • Perform specialized, life saving treatments such as CPR, advanced cardiac life support and neonatal resuscitations.
  • Observe signs, symptoms and behaviors of patients and communicate issues to emergency room team.
  • Perform specific patient tasks as assigned by Physician’s written orders.
  • Administer medications and physical treatments.
  • Adhere to proper safety and sterilization protocols and techniques to ensure proper infection control.
  • Provide clerical support and documentation for admissions, transfers and discharges.
  • Manage logistics of mobile medical equipment such as diagnostic devices, X-ray equipment, EKG’s, Scans, IV machines and monitors.