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This category will include a broad variety of professionals in the workplace. For the purposes of separating styles of resume, we have including resumes for professionals in Law Enforcement, Trades and other specialist professions.

The resume format used in most of these positions will be the most common and basic formats available. Most of the positions will use a summary list, headline and / or objective, depending on the job target. If you are more of a senior level professional then consider using an executive style resume format.

Since this is more of a general or miscellaneous category, it is difficult to recommend a page length. Just consider that most professionals really want to keep their resume to one page unless the amount of detail in your job requires a two page resume. Most of these examples are one page resumes except for higher level positions. There are always positions that involve complex set of responsibilities that just take a lot more space to explain. If you are unsure how to format your resume, contact a resume writing professional.

Professional Resume Examples

Professional Resume Tips and Advice

Your resume should be used not only to explain your work history and educational background.Always be sure to highlight your individual accomplishments.Most of the individuals applying for the position you are seeking may have a similar background.The best way that you can set yourself apart from everyone else is by mentioning what you actually accomplished in your experience. Accomplishments in your resume for example, can include goals that you achieved on the job. Other resume accomplishments include awards, customer recognition and ways that you performed above and beyond what is generally expected of you in your previous work history.

Use these resume examples constructively as a benchmark for the quality and content of your own resume.You will be able to observe the various ways that professional resume writers present information and effectively highlight each individual’s accomplishments. The use of an appealing layout and placement of bold type will help to bring attention to the items you are most hopeful will be noticed by the hiring individual.

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